Tom Keighley and Susan Sontag.

“Surrealism lies at the heart of the photographic enterprise: in the very creation of a duplicate world, of a reality in the second degree, narrower but more dramatic than the one perceived by natural vision.“ To my knowledge it was Susan Sontag who first pushed the idea that photography as a medium is absolutely surreal.Continue reading “Tom Keighley and Susan Sontag.”

Paul Valéry, “Pièces sur l’art”

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and in that said hindsight it has become clear that the ideas that engaged me most piercingly when reading “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction” did not come from the author Walter Benjamin, but instead were quoted, from “Pièces sur l’art” by Paul Valéry. Called “PiecesContinue reading “Paul Valéry, “Pièces sur l’art””

Published Work: Between Us and Art

“We celebrate gallery spaces and the exhibits that are held within them, and rightly so. However, what is art worth if people don’t see it, connect with it, and enjoy it. In this set of images, the focus is not on the artwork or gallery spaces, not even on the individuals who view the work,Continue reading “Published Work: Between Us and Art”

Published Article! “Paradigm Shift Requires Extremes”

“In this unsightly scar in the earth, a new plant was embedded, one that grows speedily when encouraged absolutely, blossoming within days. I sit here now watching the diaphanous pink petals float through the air, bringing a crispness, and creating a sublime sunny moment, that would not have been achievable through gently trying to mouldContinue reading “Published Article! “Paradigm Shift Requires Extremes””

Ideas: Paradigm Shift

Paradigm shift requires extreme conditions. Without provocation by extreme circumstances, the existing model resists change, meaning that change to paradigms can take immeasurably longer. When first attempting to articulate this idea, I likened it to the ploughing of a field, allowing new seeds to be planted, an in turn rise. A period of destruction (beContinue reading “Ideas: Paradigm Shift”

The 1960s Photographed by David Hurn

Good Afternoon, I have struggled to develop my writings and theories recently, as I am coming to the end of university. This, along with the extraordinary times we find ourselves in, mean that my time has been taken up entirely by photographic work. It is not quite polished enough to be revealed just yet, soContinue reading “The 1960s Photographed by David Hurn”

Aura and Religion: Full Article!

The full Aura and Religion article is now online! We will look at how the nature of aura has adapted in recent years, and where it manifests itself in todays society. During this remarkable time, I believe it is healthy to keep discussing artwork in it various mediums! Find the full article at andContinue reading “Aura and Religion: Full Article!”

The Age of Technological Representation

I like to refer to the 21st century as “the age of technological representation” in the same way that Benjamin named the early 20th century “the age of mechanical reproduction”. Today we take photographs with the intention of sharing experiences. We make a conscious decision to represent ourselves, or objects in a certain way, dependingContinue reading “The Age of Technological Representation”