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Tom Keighley and Susan Sontag.

“Surrealism lies at the heart of the photographic enterprise: in the very creation of a duplicate world, of a reality in the second degree, narrower but more dramatic than the one perceived by natural vision.“ To my knowledge it was Susan Sontag who first pushed the idea that photography as a medium is absolutely surreal.Continue reading “Tom Keighley and Susan Sontag.”

Published Article! “Paradigm Shift Requires Extremes”

“In this unsightly scar in the earth, a new plant was embedded, one that grows speedily when encouraged absolutely, blossoming within days. I sit here now watching the diaphanous pink petals float through the air, bringing a crispness, and creating a sublime sunny moment, that would not have been achievable through gently trying to mouldContinue reading “Published Article! “Paradigm Shift Requires Extremes””

Ideas: Paradigm Shift

Paradigm shift requires extreme conditions. Without provocation by extreme circumstances, the existing model resists change, meaning that change to paradigms can take immeasurably longer. When first attempting to articulate this idea, I likened it to the ploughing of a field, allowing new seeds to be planted, an in turn rise. A period of destruction (beContinue reading “Ideas: Paradigm Shift”

Joan Miro: Anti-Painting

Between 1927 and 1937 Joan Miro worked to revitalise, as well as reshape the medium of painting. If I claimed to be a decibel, or lover or Miro’s work – or expressive art for that matter – I would be flattering or ingratiating under false pretences. However, as an intellectual I do admire the amountContinue reading “Joan Miro: Anti-Painting”

Aura & Religion

As someone who investigates intensely, the places where old theories still manifest themselves today, I find myself transfixed by the aura that forms the basis of all religions. My understanding is that “aura” is the giving of significance to an object, by the society that it is held within. The Cross around Christian necks; theContinue reading “Aura & Religion”

“The Seeker”

One of my biggest influences is music, as it is at the heart of many imperative social movements, moulding where we as a society end up. When listening to The Who a fascinating, yet quite irritating, reflection of myself was shown to me. I’ve looked under chairsI’ve looked under tablesI try to find the keyToContinue reading ““The Seeker””

Review: Work to Be Done

“A society expects us all to work and pay taxes. It is crucial for a society’s functioning that everybody contributes. Working is respected – though respect for professions and positions form various hierarchies.[…] There is no longer any need for the gender divide in an agricultural society if there ever was one. Hierarchies also crumble.”Continue reading “Review: Work to Be Done”

Analogue Photography Today

This week we will discuss the relevance of analogue photography in today’s society. I am not talking about digitally scanned negatives. I believe scanning negatives is a fad, used by photographers in an attempt to give their imagery more “significance”. If you want digital files, why not simply use a digital camera? The same visualContinue reading “Analogue Photography Today”

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