Published Article! “Paradigm Shift Requires Extremes”

“In this unsightly scar in the earth, a new plant was embedded, one that grows speedily when encouraged absolutely, blossoming within days. I sit here now watching the diaphanous pink petals float through the air, bringing a crispness, and creating a sublime sunny moment, that would not have been achievable through gently trying to mould the original, inadequate, tree.”

Good Evening, following my previous blog post the full article of “Paradigm Shift Requires Extremes” has been completed. It has also been published with the “Hole Punch” publication, by University of South Wales Photography. To read the full article, and see the “Hole Punch” photo-book, head over to ! I believe the book has some intriguing work inside!

This full article can also be found on my websites “writings” page.

It has been a very busy time for many students graduating this summer, and over the coming days I look forward to showing you the yield of that busy period!

Keep Safe,

Jamie Edwards

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