Ideas: Paradigm Shift

Paradigm shift requires extreme conditions. Without provocation by extreme circumstances, the existing model resists change, meaning that change to paradigms can take immeasurably longer.

When first attempting to articulate this idea, I likened it to the ploughing of a field, allowing new seeds to be planted, an in turn rise. A period of destruction (be it literal or ideological) must occur, breaking down boundaries, before new paradigms can generate sufficient strength, deep down in the ground. Sufficient strength and deep rooting to rise above the previous ways of thinking.

I eluded to this idea in my review of Joan Miro’s Anti-Painting, posted recently on my blog. Extreme, accelerated paradigm shift has been seen multiple times in the art world, but recent events have seen them on a global scale, with the Coronavirus and the Black Lives Matter movement. Originally I was thinking of paradigm shift in relation to art, but that seems so insignificant in the grand scheme of things, especially the unjust oppression of people based on their heritage. We must create change before things settle, and resistance to change increases.

I hope to have a full article with you soon, but of course these are extraordinary times, and other ways of helping change may take priority.

Jamie Edwards 06/06/2020

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