“Walter Benjamin On Photography” Book Critique by Jamie Edwards

[…] This short, heated article reveals a passionate young man who is eager to defend his beliefs. However, the fact that this article never made it to print intrigues me most. Whether Benjamin chose not to send it, or whether it was rejected, we do not know. More importantly, it taught Benjamin that he has to be more persuasive and considered when writing. If we look at his next article (by date) “Letter to Grete Cohn” we read something far more articulate. A way of writing we are more accustom to when looking back at Benjamin’s writings.

“I am especially pleased to take with me the images which you took […] I find that they yield what one is able to seek in them.” (1.4)

I believe it is not just the innovations of the time, as mentioned by Leslie earlier, but also the strong opposition that the evolving medium of photography faced, that encapsulated and provoked Benjamin. Without his early opposition, he may not have become as considered when writing, nor so eager to influence people and their viewpoint on the subject.

Full article available now on the writings page!

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